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Tap Venice Eating iPhone App

TapVenice is the iPhone edition of Venice Osterie by Michela Scibilia. For the past 20 years, Michela’s handbook, now in its sixth edition, has been Venetians’ favourite guide to eating out in their own city.
The guide contains only restaurants personally selected by Michela, who has lived in Venice for more than 30 years. What you won’t find in TapVenice is paid advertisements or sponsored recommendations. TapVenice does not require an internet connection. Maps can be consulted offline.

TapVenice includes:
- individual restaurant profiles with key information: closing days, telephone numbers and opening hours.
- a description of each eatery, with price band.
- restaurants, wine bars, specialist food stores, pastry shops, farm outlets, bars and chocolate shops.
- a multiple-choice search function: Perhaps you are in Venice with children and you want an affordable fish meal? Or you want to book dinner somewhere romantic on a Monday when lots of Venetian restaurants are closed? Search will find the places that match your requirements from the 132 featured eateries.
- eatery selection by category, by tag – “good wines”, “scenic view”, “children tolerated”, “open till late”, “upmarket”, “informal”, “outside tables” – or by time of day: breakfast, midday meal, aperitif, evening meal, snack, pizza, after dinner and takeaway.
- an illustrated glossary to help you identify typical products and try out new tastes.
- included are 30 eateries around Venice on other islands in the lagoon and on the mainland.
- a feedback button so you can send your opinion to Michela. She might even be at the table next to yours.
The application contains the Italian version and English.



Venice Canal Grande iPad App

The most beautiful waterway in the world in a single – and very long – photograph.
The Venice Canal Grande app, with its high-definition, professional images, is a new way of exploring the 3 km route that winds through the city.
The most illustrious Venetian families built over 300 splendid palazzi along the canal, in architectural styles that span almost a millennium: from the gothic of Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti to the baroque of Ca’ Rezzonico. Contemporary style is represented by the Ponte della Costituzione, the bridge designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava.
The app is made up of a single image divided into two parts: the left bank and the right bank of the canal. The work, by the photographer Daniele Resini, took three years to complete and consisted of on-site photography, assembly of the sequence from thousands of shots, perspective correction to offset the curves of the Grand Canal, digital image manipulation to even out the diverse lighting conditions and water levels, and to remove boats, jetties and waterbus stops.
This allows the most important buildings of the city to be be admired in their entirety as the viewer ‘glides along the canal’ from Piazzale Roma to the Punta della Dogana, or from Saint Mark’s to the rail station. Alternatively, the interactive map can be used to go directly to a particular segment of the canal.

photography: Daniele Resini
production: Michela Scibilia
editing: Elisabetta Ballarin
development: Mirco Baragiani, Alessandro Montariello



Venice Osterie book 

bars, wine bars, trattorias, restaurants a handbook for discriminating diners

Getting lost in the càlli and campièlli of Venice is a wonderful experience. 

Losing your way in Venice’s eateries is less appealing. Michela Scibilia’s very successful guide, now in its sixth edition, has been helping forèsti to find their way through the pitfalls of eating and drinking in Venice for more than twenty years. These pages will help you to select the most suitable eatery for your palate and your budget. You might opt for a good òmbra and a tasty cichèto at an osteria, or a filling table meal at a trattoria, or a full sit-down meal at a traditional restaurant with a touch of originality, or genuinely haute cuisine and appropriate prices. 

The one hundred and sixty eateries have all been personally tested by the author. Each is described with irony and precision, illustrated with photos and listed with phone numbers, closing days and prices, to avoid any unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives. An illustrated glossary of frequently occurring terms in venessiàn and Italian will help you find your way through the garùsoli, schìe and caparòssoli while offering a peek a life in the lagoon. Finally, a complete, detailed map of the city will enable you to pinpoint even the most out-of-the-way eatery and – no less important – find your way back to your hotel.

Venice Osterie brings readers the pointers, preferences and puzzlements of someone who lives, works and eats out in Venice.

What you won’t find is paid advertisements or sponsored recommendations.

Paperback 14x20.5 cm

128 pages with 270 colour photographs
Text in Italian ISBN 978-88-7200-445-6

Text in English ISBN 978-88-7200-329-9



comprehensive guide to the island of Murano  book >> Out of print – New edition available soon

history art culture of glass glassworks and shops restaurants hospitality

The guide you were waiting for: all the art sites, the best restaurants, accommodation and events, together with an extensive section on history, glassmaking and the current state of affairs of Murano glass. Almost one hundred glassworks, studios and shops have been personally inspected by the authors. There are no paid advertisements or less than disinterested recommendations. A copious apparatus of maps, church plans, useful addresses and 370 colour photographs will help you organise your day to best advantage with art, good food, the culture of glass and a little self-assured shopping.

Paperback 14x20.5 cm

160 pages with 370 colour photographs
Text in Italian ISBN 978-88-7200-271-1
Text in English ISBN 978–88–7200-446-3



Venice Botteghe book >> Out of print – New edition available soon

antiques, bijouterie, coffee, cakes, carpets, glass... a handbook for self-assured shoppers

Venice Botteghe has been compiled without sponsorship or paid advertisements of any kind. It is dedicated to those who already know the Venice of museums and Carnival, but now wish to deepen their knowledge through the products of those who continue today skilfully and competently to paint, assemble, hone, fuse, sew, knead, cook, engrave, or perhaps just sell, in Venice. Readers will find shops and workshops that have survived as if by magic, one or two evergreen classics, and lots of exciting new ventures. The 160 pages contain 600 illustrations and 300 addresses where shoppers can browse and purchase everything from pearls to lamps and gondolas, as well as cakes, cloaks, soft-shell crabs and door knockers. It is a tour of the sounds, fragrances and everything else a city of rather special people has to offer: coffee, cakes, ice cream, bread, pasta, spices, fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish, cold meats, cheese, meat, wine, clothing, fashion accessories, eyewear, shoes, masks, costumes, glass beads, jewellery, bijouterie, lacework, embroidery, fabrics, carpets, antiques, collectibles, restored items, giltware, ornaments, wood, gondolas, glassware, ceramics, metal, paper, paint, photographs, prints, books, toys and music. Each entry is accompanied by a commentary and illustrations. There are also 12 pages of detailed maps to guide the self-assured shopper around the city’s most labyrinthine corners.

Paperback 14x20.5 cm

160 pages with 600 colour photographs
Italian ISBN 978-88-7200-163-9
English ISBN 978-88-7200-167-7

French ISBN 978-88-7200-172-1